Pirate Queens Author Leigh Lewis

  Dates & times
  • Wed, 06/29/2022 - 11:00am
  Age Groups All Ages


Leigh Lewis is a children's writer whose middle-school debut Pirate Queens:  Dauntless Women Who Dared to Ruled the High Seas spotlights six fierce real-life female pirates.  The book was published by National Geographic.  

You're a Poet, Don't Cha Know It? at 11 AM for ages 6-10:  Kids will explore verse forms--some from Pirate Queens--and write a two-voice poem, mad-libs style.

Sailing the Seven She's at 1 PM for ages 11-16:  Kids will learn about pirates, experience what it would have been like to navigate the seas pre-GPS, and make their own compass. 

Uncovering Hidden History at 3 PM for ages 16+:  Discover the little known history of female pirates and learn what would have driven a woman of the time to piracy--from love to power to desperation.

Registration is required for all the programs.